About Us

The Genesis:

Ever since its inception in 1980, Vasu Healthcare has been taking consistent strides in healthcare sector to serve mankind globally and to bring a smile on every face. Today we are a 39 years young reknown name in the field of natural health care.

A privately owned Indian Company, Vasu Healthcare originally focused on patented formulations of herbal/ayurvedic origin. Today Vasu Healthcare is engaged in

  • Patented prescription ayurvedic/herbal formulations of natural origin.
  • Active ingredient enriched, standard extract based natural formulations.
  • Natural, safe and effective Over The Counter (OTC) health care products.

It has been said that “Herbs are no magic”, but they “Work like magic”. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, “Vasu Healthcare ” offers a composite package of not only cure, but prevention as well, without any side effects, just the right effects only.

To maintain the health of the healthy and to cure the ailment of the ailing.

Research and production technologies are the main focus, which will drive us to create a “Value Difference” for our partners, the people of the world.

An in-depth knowledge of herbal active ingredients and the search for excellence are crucial commitments to serve the mankind, naturally. Hence we envision “Health to you, Naturally”.

To be the leading producer of herbal formulations, food supplements, single herb specialties, O.T.C. drugs both in domestic and the global market.

Consistent Growth, Unmatched Quality and Committed to Excellence.