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Vasu Naturals Rose Water – Pack of 3

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Vasu Naturals Rose water is a steam-distilled extract of fresh Rose petals. Refreshes and gives multiple benefits to skin. Mint adds freshness and gives cooling effect.

How To Use?

  • As Toner: Removes oil, dirt and debris from the skin and maintains skin’s pH balance
  • As Natural Make-up remover: Acts gently yet effectively to remove make-up when mixed with Coconut oil and applied
  • As Astringent: Helps tighten pores
  • Hydration: Instantly moisturizes & revitalizes skin
  • Cools & Soothes: Helps recover tired skin to give a refreshing feeling

Key Ingredients

Rose – Helps to maintain the skin’s pH balance, and also controls excess oil.

Mint – Helps the skin relax and repair itself, which in turn brightens up your skin tone and makes your skin look fresh & healthy!

Pack Size

100ml (Spray Bottle)

Weight 0.33 lbs


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